Board Members

Mr. Jory Staton, Chairman of the Board

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Mr.Staton has been involved in every capacity of the company’s existence from the core thought processes an intellectual properties Mr.Staton from scratch created the name, designs, sales models architecture and integration of all software including the relationships with 3PSA parties. His over 20 years’ experience lead him from Miami to the Cayman Islands where he was able to establish close relations with the top banks of the world as well as an invitation to be the primary speaker at the Cayman technology expo in 2003. He has established governmental connections all over the world and raised in excess of 12.8 million dollars during the dot com boom where to buy bitcoins

best erectile dysfunction pills Mr.Staton’s primary strength is the ability to find the right people for the right job and was quoted many times saying “You are only as good as the people you surround yourself with”. Mr.Staton has been involved with the development of the video communications applications and the social networking software for the last 18 years. As a key figure in the design and build out of the applications, Mr.Staton has been responsible for project development and communications between programmers and code developers to achieve specific features and functions of the proprietary products. Mr. Staton is also tasked with Investor relations oversight and the ongoing financing of the operations to date. Mr.Staton has over 20 years of senior management and sales and marketing experience. He has been instrumental in building several businesses as well as founding several companies. Mr.Staton also has many years of experience in investor relations.

The Diversified Fund Holdings – Senior Vice President

levitra 20 mg As Senior Vice President, Mr.Staton worked to develop all aspects of the business. He was involved in product development, investor relations, and finance. During his time with the company Mr.Staton raised millions of dollars in capital funding both nationally and internationally. Mr.Staton also introduced the technology that he helped produce to the governments of other countries.

Zoned In – Vice President of Business Development

best ed pills Mr.Staton was the Vice President of Business Development for Zoned In.. Mr.Staton was involved in product development, marketing strategies, corporate sales and distribution, and securing financial investments for the company.


Vice President of Global Marketing Mr.Staton was Vice President of Global Marketing for Mega During his time with the company Mr.Staton conceptualized the development of a global marketplace with audio and video capabilities. He also worked to secure financing for this project canada pharmacy .

APC Alarms – Marketing Director

Mr.Staton was contracted as the Marketing Director for APC Alarms, a distributor for AT&T security systems. Mr. Staton managed the sales and marketing of residential and commercial security systems. Mr.Staton was responsible for sales and marketing to the central Florida region. Responsibilities included the hiring and training of an outside sales team as well as designing and producing the presentation and the marketing materials for the company ed pills that work .

National Water Treatment – Sales & Marketing Director

As the Sales & Marketing Director for National Water Treatment, Mr.Staton managed sales and marketing departments in Ocala, Gainesville, and Leesburg Florida. Along with managing the sales operations, Mr.Staton was responsible for contacting and negotiating with local banks and financial institutions to secure customer financing.

Eco Water Systems – Sales Director

Mr.Staton was contracted by Eco Water systems as their Sales Director to help build revenue and develop marketing strategies for the company. To establish new markets for the company Mr.Staton managed initial market research and the opening of the Company’s operations facilities. Mr.Staton was involved in all aspects of hiring and training of the sales and marketing team.

Richard Plettner – Vice Chairman

Richard has over 25 years in the Healthcare and business arena, he attained board certification as a Clinical Perfusionist (open heart surgery technologies) and he has developed
successful start-up companies creating new markets and services and founded and directed a multi-state multi-hospital professional medical services, safety products, and technology group. He provided a sophisticated turnkey solution for professional services and the application of complex technologies for medical and surgical physicians and patients. He is a graduate of the Texas Heart Institute, School of Perfusion Technology, and attended the University of Florida, Santa Fe, and Ocean County Colleges. Mr. Plettner is on the board of directors for A privately held, and world famous candy company since 1999. In addition, Mr. Plettner is the president of MDlX, INC. a medical device company. Mr. Plettner has served on internet stream network projects board of directors since inception.

Dave Wells

Accomplished professional with over 14 years experience of comprehensive large scale management experience within the logistics industry. He has extensive experience within the global market and has been instrumental in the development and growth of helping companies expand into new markets.

He works closely with global real estate markets and developers, technology transfers, business start ups and with public, private companies and multinational entities on an International market.

He has held various high level management positions from Director of Sales to Project Management and as a result has cut operating costs, boosting their performance and enhancing their bottom line.

His expertise focus is working in high level negotiations in the United States and Internationally with many different countries.

He has successfully been instrumental in opening up the market in Saudi, Guinea and Belize.

He is actively working on 4 countries oil & gas and mining opportunities infrastructure to help benefit their nations.

He is especially skilled at strategic planning and negotiations, budget controls and problem resolution. His outstanding communication talents with proven ability to build and lead highly efficient teams and to convey complex concepts in understandable terms.

As a result he has an outstanding history of managing projects from initial conception, through development, to implementation.

Dave is an active member of the WERC association and partners with SIOR, CFCMP and CLM groups.

Dave is originally from Indianapolis Indiana and resides in South Florida with his five beautiful children. He enjoys diving, golfing, formula one races and horse racing. He is an NBA, NFL and Soccer enthusiast.

Mike Dulin

dulinMike  Received his bachelor of science and medical degrees from Indiana University. He is a board certified anesthesiologist practicing 33 years in Indiana. Married to Kathy Dulin  for 33 years with two boys ages 30 and 18. Mike has always had a love for music and a passion  to be involved with a company that promotes music globally, Mike brings a unique perspective both as a music lover and a Doctor, Mike has been involved with assisting in the design and ongoing financing of the project.


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